At Haymarket Veterinary Service our goal is to detect health problems early when they are most treatable so that you and your horse have a long and healthy relationship. Just like your annual physical exam, wellness exams at the time of annual vaccinations are a great time for us to ensure your horse is happy and healthy all year long. Some things we look at during wellness exams:

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  • Body condition: Is your horse at the proper weight? What forage and grain are you feeding? How much grass and turnout?
  • Skin and hair coat: Does your horse’s coat look healthy? Are there any skin problems that need to be investigated? Have they shed out properly in the springtime?
  • Eyes: Are there any indications of problems within the eye or eyelid?
  • Mouth: Does your horse have sharp points on their teeth that need to be floated? Are any teeth missing that may affect how your horse eats? Do the tongue and gums look healthy?
  • Lungs and heart: Do your horse’s lungs sound clear? Is there any evidence of a heart murmur or arrhythmia?
  • Digestive system and manure output: Do these appear to be normal?
  • Musculoskeletal system: Is there soreness or swelling that indicates an impending problem. Does your horse’s shoeing and trimming look adequate?
  • Parasite control: When was your horse last dewormed? How many other horses are at the farm?
  • Vaccination: Does your horse travel off the farm frequently? Eat round bales?

Based on this examination and history, we may recommend blood work to assess organ function, collect a fecal sample to assess the efficiency of your deworming program or offer a more comprehensive lameness examination. We can also suggest dietary modifications if needed and recommend an appropriate vaccination protocol for your horse. Whether your horse is used for pleasure riding or competition, illness and lameness can reduce the time you spend in the saddle enjoying your horse. Let us help ensure your horse remains happy, healthy and active.

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