June in July!


Hi Friends of Haymarket Vet Service!  It’s June in July!

I’ve been hanging out as the official Haymarket Veterinary Service office kitty mascot for three years now, and I just celebrated my fourth birthday! In my time in the office,  I have picked up a lot of useful information.  I have decided to start a journal of veterinary tips that I think are interesting and helpful and share them with you on my new blog!

The summer storms have been very scary lately and I am lucky to get to hang out inside the office.   Having been homeless for a small portion of my life, I realize how lucky I am to be inside and safe from the bad weather.  But I worry about the horses outside, especially about the storms could separate them from their people.

It is really important to have current pictures of your horse to help identify them.  A current Coggin’s test is a great way to help prove ownership.  Brands and tattoos look really cool, but they aren’t always easy to see or read and they don’t give contact information.   Have you ever considered getting your horse microchipped?   A lot of animals are micro-chipped so we can have a way to share our owner’s information.  It is a really simple procedure which involves implanting a microchip in your horse’s nuchal ligament (just below the base of the mane).  This means that your horse can always carry their identification with them and they can’t ever forget it when they leave home.  The veterinarians at Haymarket think that microchips are really helpful for identification.  Don’t forget that once your horse has a microchip it is your responsibility to keep your contact information current with the company so that they can track you down!  Make sure that you also have emergency contact information easily available.  Summer storms are scary and unpredictable so plan ahead. Have a safe and Happy Independence Day!